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Bits and pieces of me reside all over the Internet, in user names designed to reveal, conceal, or simply go with the moniker flow, depending on the website or discussion list. I realized, when recently challenged about one moniker, that using my “real” name wasn’t going to allow readers to know me any better than if that moniker was my real name. For many people, that was the only way they had known me for years.

Trailing behind me in my lane of the Internet superhighway are long forgotten email accounts and lost passwords to early blog attempts. I’ve put off saying what I wanted to say until I could find this or that old password, but those accounts are probably gone three servers and two corporate mergers back, so this is the one I plan to use for the time being.

Blogs seemed like an affectation and a waste of time for quite a while. Private diaries posted in public. The durability of them was questionable, and the potential for plagiarism and spam seemed huge. As a print writer, these seemed to be glaring problems, but as a blogger I’ll be old-fashioned and keep a hard copy in case I want to use some of this somewhere else later.

Those who are early adopters of new online forms may enjoy the luxury of using their own name. I use just my last name in my university email, because I was there first.  I am late coming to blogging, so my own name is taken. Whoever has it, use it well. One of my online avatars, Lily Barthes, is standing in for me in this instance. Lily is one of my favorite avatars, she is the combination of Lily Bart (House of Mirth) and Roland Barthes (philosopher, theorist, semiotician). This blend merges my areas of graduate work, English and Philosophy.

I also maintain a blog in my work as a writer at the University of Texas at Arlington Library, and while the subjects are sometimes a step or two away from library issues, it is fairly constrained and not intended to do more than inform, and occasionally amuse. I may at times double post in both places.

This blog will have lots of topics, lots of photos and illustrations, and will be mediated to avoid spam. Let’s see where it will go from here. I’ll add categories as I go.

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