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Getting Back to the Blog

February 17, 2011


When I set up this blog, I was planning to focus my thoughts in one place where interested readers could follow along. In its natural state, ADD seems to be a feature of the Internet Age; inquiring minds are easily led to the next fascinating story, and are lulled into posting remarks everywhere. At the same time, sharing with friends in one place is comfortable; the shorthand of familiarity means you don’t need to spell out everything or reintroduce each subject. I wanted to challenge myself to write in a more thorough manner, but I distracted myself back to my old ruts, and continued to spread myself too thin.

I have a lot of partially written blog entries saved in a file, and quite a few photo illustrations. I’ll be posting those in my blog sites, probably in no particular order, to get them up and out there. And get back to the satisfaction of writing for a larger audience.

Not exactly a New Year’s resolution, but something I am resolved to do.

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