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The Poop on Cat Litter

October 7, 2009


Nature's Miracle cat litterWe live in a village that is an enclave of Fort Worth, Texas. Fields and woods along the creek give it a rural feel and lots of wildlife passes through the creek corridor just outside my back gate. My dogs regularly go a little wild when the coyotes pass by—after a bark or two they transform into wild dogs and join the chorus. This never fails to bring me to a full upright position at 3am.

Those coyotes are the reason that my cats have lived in the house, not able to enjoy the same freedom. Hawks, owls, foxes and coyotes are regularly seen here and would happily grease their jowls with a well-fed cat. So we have litter boxes in the house, and experience the love-hate relationship with the zone in a corner of the laundry room where there is always a bit of a sandy patch on the floor and dust and intermittent odor.

Clay (kaolinite) is not good for any of us, though for a long time it seemed to be the only affordable option. Over the years I’ve annoyed my cats by trying new products, and while they have summarily rejected the newspaper pellets and hard little chunks of wood, I have evicted the weevil-prone wheat and corn grain products.

A couple of years ago a fellow shopper at PetSmart recommended Fresh Results (by ProPet) that she said was cheapest at Wal-Mart. I tried it and liked it; it isn’t clay (I wasn’t sure what it was), didn’t have dust, didn’t track as much as the clay, and it smelled better. I avoid the perfumed clay but this pine scented litter was acceptable.

On my most recent rare trip to Wal-Mart the brand was absent from the shelves, discontinued, and no other store seemed even know about it. I still had an empty bag tucked in beside the litter box so yesterday I called the company named on the back. It turns out the folks who make this (out of ground corn cob and enzymes added for the odor control) are the Nature’s Miracle folks, the same ones who saved us when the dogs got skunked a year ago. Through regular applications of their Skunk Odor Remover enzyme product it was only a couple of weeks before the whiff of skunk was completely gone from the dogs, even in wet weather. This Wal-Mart cat litter had a different name and packaging, giving little clue to it’s Nature’s Miracle origins. The woman I spoke to was very helpful and informative. Great customer service, folks!

So now, not only will I be able to continue using my preferred cat litter, I know enough about it to start putting it on the compost instead of in the trash at the curb. (Despite the myth to the contrary, compost is the perfect place to put both cat and dog poop.) I’ll keep buying the Nature’s Miracle Odor Control type, though the woman I spoke to told me there is another one with aloe that is carried in high-end grocery stores. I’ll check it out next time I go to Central Market.

Disclosure: I have no relationship with and no compensation from this company.

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